Time Critical Networks AB,
Gothenburg, Sweden

Lars Bröhne
Jonas Lext
Patrik Thunström
Anders Lext
TCN creates software that enables networks to adopt to applications' needs and requirements, not the other way around.

RISE Viktoria,
Gothenburg, Sweden

Hoai Hoang Bengtsson
Cristofer Englund
Lei Chen
Rise Viktoria contribute with knowledge in real-time communication for safety critical automotive applications including: methods to measure and guarantee end-to-end delay of message flows, a framework to guarantee QoS for video streaming between vehicles or between vehicles and infrastructure under strict timing constraints, and an investigation the suitability of SDN for automotive communication.

Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna,
ReTiS Lab
Pisa, Italy

Giorgio Buttazzo
Tommaso Cucinotta
Mauro Marinoni
Alessandro Biondi
Sant’Anna develops methodologies for analyzing the timing behavior of a computing node in the network and its impact on real-time communication, also considering the effect of the operating systems and the hypervisor.

Evidence Srl,
Pisa, Italy

Paolo Gai
Claudio Scordino
Riccardo Schiavi
Stefano Garzella
Evidence role in the RETINA Project is to provide a multi-OS software configuration based on Linux, ERIKA, and the jailHouse Hypervisor able to run the innovative software developed in the RETINA Project.

The Hauge, Netherlands

H. J.D. (Jacco) van de Sluis
M. Djurica (Miodrag)
Marcel van Sambeek
Alex Popescu
Jan de Jongh
Niels van Adrichem

TNO provides simulations and experiments involving real-time V2V/V2I data communication (ITS-G5) and experiments on the usability of SDN/NFV technology for in-vehicle communications.

University of Lorraine,
Nancy, France

Ye-Qiong Song
Dorin Maxim
Université of Lorraine, through its LORIA lab, contributes to the real-time QoS mechanisms design in in-vehicle networks and packet delay bounds analysis and simulation in CAN and TSN networks. It also brings knowledge on using SDN for real-time networks.

Alkit Communication AB,
Molndal, Sweden

Mathias Johanson
Håkan Sparrman
Alkit Communications provides advanced safety-critical applications and real-time video streaming, supporting time-critical decision making for drivers in all traffic situations.