The second Operating-System-Directed Power-Management (OSPM18) Summit took place at the ReTiS Lab of the Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna in Pisa between April 16 and April 18, 2018. Like last year, the summit was organized as a collection of collaborative sessions focused on trying to improve how operating-system-directed power management and the kernel's task scheduler work together to achieve the goal of reducing energy consumption while still meeting performance and latency requirements. The summit again brought together people from academia, open-source maintainership, and industry.

A detailed article is available on LWN.


On 14 and 15 April 2018, the MobilityXlab hosted the meeting of the RETINA project. The meeting has been the occasion to summarize the status of the project and its results and to discuss the future steps and their challenges.


Evidence and the Retis Lab presented the paper titled "Challenges in Virtualizing Safety-Critical Cyber-Physical Systems" at the Embedded World Conference 2018. A demo of the RETINA Technology, composed by a VBOX 360 including Linux, ERIKA3 and JailHouse was presented as well at the Evidence booth in Hall 4-545 

Evidence exhibited the RETINA Poster at the Hipeac 2018 Conference in Manchester. The RETINA Technology presented included Linux + ERIKA3 support with schedulability analysis made by the Timing Critical Network schedulability analysis tool on an Alkit remote car management solution.


On 10 April 2017, Evidence Srl and the ReTiS laboratory will host the meeting of the RETINA project. The meeting will be the occasion to summarize the results of this first year of the project and to discuss the future steps and their challenges. 

The following day the consortium will meet with the Industrial Advisory Board to present the project outputs and discuss possible exploitations.


Here you can find the news about the activities performed by the RETINA project and its members.